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Samurai Translators specializes in English to Japanese, Japanese to English, Chinese to English and English to Chinese translations. We have recently expanded our business reassigning our translators and creating Samurai Translators: English, Japanese and Chinese Translation Company. This site caters to our English speaking clients that would like to have documents translated into the Japanese or Chinese language (as well as any other major language) by our translators. Our translators work closely together to meet your needs and perfect your translation project in order to bridge the language barrier.

Since the inception of Samurai Translators, we have delivered professional Japanese to English and English to Japanese translations of the following documents and files: contracts, birth certificates, marriage licenses, marriage certificates, brochures, websites, correspondences, family registers, official certificates, manuals, financial statements, etc.

English and Japanese translations by Samurai Translators

Samurai Translators - Translation Professionals

Samurai Translators, established in 1999 has experienced a continuous increase in clientele from a variety of fields. As Samurai Translators business and clientele has continuously been increasing, we have seen the need to expand our business further encompassing translations of professional documents as well as translating documents in other language pairs.

Qualified Japanese and English translators, editors and specialists in other languages are ready to serve you. For more detailed information about our web page translation services in English please visit our web page project site here or for information on Japanese official document translations, visit here.

For any questions or inquiries you may have, please don't hesitate to contact us at Some stand out points of Samurai Translators:

  • With natives from both Japan, America and other relevant countries,
    we are the best at what we do.
  • The translated document will remain exactly like the original.
  • Our editors double-check all translations to ensure that all possible mistakes are corrected.
  • Rushed deadlines pose no problem for us.

Samurai Translators areas of expertise

Samurai Translators has a wide range of expertise with Japanese and English translations. We have great experience and knowledge in corporate, private, real estate, medical, collegiate and governmental translations. For a more in depth view of our Japanese and English translation specialties please also visit our official document Japanese to English translation service site here. Once we receive our clients documents to be translated, our translators and editors work quickly and accurately to get the job done. When our client needs the documents to be translated immediately, the staff at Samurai Translators will work around the clock to meet the deadline.

Our translators specialize in the following translation fields:

- Patents
- Real Estate
- Website Translation and Localization
- Medical and Pharmaceutical
- Sporting Goods
- Vehicle and Automotive
- Narrations
- Advertising
- Interpreting (Dispatch of interpreters to your location or online meetings.)

  The staff of Samurai Translators consists of experienced Japanese, American and Chinese translators who put forth every effort to meet the needs of the client.  Having native speakers of the key languages of our service provides for the understanding and the application of certain cultural subtleties that a non-native speaker would not understand. Please contact us today for a free translation quote.

  Our success and experience with these translations has won Samurai Translators valuable repeat clientele which has increased the volume of our translation projects as well as extended our reputation in the English and Japanese translation field.  Samurai Translators has proven to be trustworthy and honest with its clients and has grown accordingly.

  Please check out our new and popular free translation service.


Our parent company is a trusted and professional company translating the English and Japanese languages.
Japanese Translation 

Samurai Translators


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  Upon receiving the Japanese, English or Chinese documents you need translated, we will send you a quotation including delivery date. The necessary translation time varies according to document size and language pair. Upon completion of the translation, the documents will be sent to you, along with a Certificate of Translation, as an email attachment, or if you require a hard copy we can send one to you by EMS. For more information on the procedure, please click here.

Samurai Translators - Registered Translation Company

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